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Niahac Youth of the year

Niahac would like to congratulate our YOUTH OF THE YEAR Sara Vickrey. Sara will be receiving a youth of the year award for all of her hard work and dedication to the Arabian horse association, youth, and NIAHAC youth.Thank you, Sara!


Sara Vickrey has been with Windy City Arabians TLC for 5 and a half years. She is a dedicated young lady in the time she spends at the barn helping with chores, learning about the everyday care of the Arabian/half Arabian horses, helping with any easy veterinary work, and working with and teaching other young riders about the care of the horses as a whole and each individually. The best part is talking to people about why she thinks the Arabians are the most beautiful and smartest horse of all breeds. Sara also helps teach the new and younger children how to tack horses, nutritional information regarding feed and hay or grass, the cool down process after riding (depending on climate temps) and cleaning out the hooves, watering and grooming, putting away the tack, etc . Sara has many opportunities to ride both purebred Arabians and half Arabians, as her own horse is a half Arabian named Diva (KRA Spice Girl). Thresa and Kristi Horn have taught Sara a great deal about caring for her own horse (who is very special), which she passes the knowledge on with caring for the other horses as well. She has learned what to look for when a horse is starting to colic, when there is a possible leg injury or infection and how to give medicines and treat the injuries, wrap legs, put medicines on sores and more till a vet or Thresa or Kristi are available, and much more . Sara helps give back to the community by mentoring new and younger children learning to ride. She passes on to them what she has learned over the years in hope that her knowledge and enthusiasm of the Arabian breed rub off on the new children and new family members of the WCA barn. Sara also has helped in running the holiday and summer camps. In the camps they learn about the different parts of a horses anatomy, a horse related craft, barn chores, different parts of the tack and then assists in helping them tack their horse, groom their horse before and after and she helps in any way needed in the arena when the children are riding. She also helps with the schooling shows. She helps prepare the students for their ride, tacks the horses and tries to keep order of the barn and make sure everyone is ready in a timely fashion for their class…Sara is also one of the many cheerleaders cheering the kids on in showing off all they have learned of their riding skills to their parents. Sara loves giving back to the community in this way. The barn is a huge part of her life, her enjoyment, her happy place and her peace of mind.

General meeting

March 8, 2020 

Please join us for a generel meeting at  12:00pm at the home of our vice president Laurie Ferry. Address as follows;  42W675 Pennycress court Elburn IL. See you there!

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