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Niahac Youth of the year 2020 

Niahac would like to congratulate our YOUTH OF THE YEAR Jordan Prochaska. Jordan will be receiving a youth of the year award for all of her hard work and dedication to the Arabian horse association, youth, and NIAHAC youth.Thank you, Jordan!

Jordan started riding at the age of 5, but really started to blossom as a rider and a confident person when she moved over to Windy City Arabians and started working with Thresa Horn.  She soon found out that there was more to just getting up on a horse and riding around the arena.  At Windy City, they were taught every aspect of horsemanship, from cleaning stalls, feeding horses, learning how to tack, it was all a part of the training.  Jordan soon learned that not only was she learning all she could about horses, but she was gaining a great support system at the barn and now has a wonderful barn family.

Jordan is now 15 and puts in time at the barn even when she’s not riding to help other kids who are just starting out.  She helps to teach them the things that have become invaluable to her and a big part of the person she is today. Jordan is always there to pitch in and help wherever help is need.   Not only does Jordan help at the barn, she started helping Helen Nymeyer at Tanglewood who sells merchandise at the NIAHAC shows.  Jordan is a well-organized young lady and during her down time, she would help set up the merchandise outside and help put it away when the show was over.  She quickly became a valuable part of this process and was even given the responsibility of making sales when Helen was on a break.  This spirit of giving and helping is a big part of who Jordan is.

Now that Jordan owns her own horse, MJ Rockefeller (Roland), her commitment is even more evident.  Jordan has formed a great bond with Roland and with the coaching from Thresa and mentoring from the WCA team, she continues to enjoy riding and showing.  Jordan has learned so many lessons over her 10 years at the barn and is passing along her passion to others.  Her dream is to someday have her own stable full of horses.

The future of the Arabian Horse starts with our YOUTH.

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