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Next Meeting:


April 19, 2020 

Where: Please join us for a general meeting at  2:00pm at Chrissy Prochaska's house. Please contact Chrissy at (815) 354-5260 or email at for more information! 

Youth T-Shirt Making Activity 

Due to the recent events NIAHAC will have to cancel the T-shirt and Hot mess canvas activity for the youth on April 19th. The NIAHAC board will be sending out a new date sometime in May so please check out our Facebook page or log into our website for more information on this activity. 


Thank you for your understanding 


Stall Decorating Contest


You must fill out your index card and attach to the stall door.

Stall decorating starts as early as Thursday. Judging will be after Saturday afternoon classes. Please have your stall assembled by noon Saturday.

No tampering with Illinois state fair property including stalls, outlets, latches, and surround areas.

Stall decorations should be assembled before attaching to stalls.

Make sure your horse does not have access to reach your decorations or try to eat them.

Do not put decorations in the way of the stall door or track so it becomes hard to open in emergency.

No spray painting, painting coloring on stalls, latches, and or surrounding areas.

Please use duck tape, or removable staples to attach decorations.

No glue, nails, or permanent type of attachments.

Do not touch other participants' stall decorations you will be disqualified!

Please keep your theme appropriate 

This will be judged individually NOT by the barn.

Please clean up after yourself. Do not leave your stall decorations up for the fairgrounds to pull down. Thank you!

MOST OF ALL- Have fun and enjoy the show!

Stall Decorating Contest   

Let’s have some fun at our 2020 May show!

This year we are asking our participants to decorate their stall with their favorite” instructor quotes”. 

Example: Heels down & Chin up .

Decorate your stall with as many quotes as you like. Judging will be on the creativity of the stall door not the number of quotes.

Rules as follows;


We are offering this contest with prizes for Champion and Reserve Champion. The idea is to decorate your stall dedicated to your favorite instructor quotes. Our stall contest judge will be chosen at the show.

PLEASE stop by in front of the main office to pick up your index card. Include your barn number, your name and phone number and please attach to your stall door. This is a free contest with GREAT PRIZES.

If anyone has any questions please message Niahac via Facebook also can email Brooke Collins ( and Chrissy Prochaska (

For the Rules please check out our Highlights page!